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Re: redirecting bounce messages

On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 04:18:16PM -0500, Michael Boudreau wrote:
> On Aug 12, 2005, at 1:41 PM, Alvin Starr wrote:
> > Roy Bixler wrote:
> >> According to the documentation I have available (in the cf/trusted.cf
> >> file), ZMailer by default only trusts "root", "daemon" and "uucp" to
> >> change the apparently originating user.  If you want to change the
> >> default, create a "zmailer" group with the above "trusted" users plus
> >> the "nobody" user and re-start ZMailer.
> >>
> >>
> > I believe that I am saying the same thing but if you have a stock  
> > install(mine is from the RPM) in /etc/group there is a zmailer group.
> > Add your nobody to that line and then your cgi can invoke sendmail  
> > with the  "-f" option. This will mean the the user nobody can send  
> > mail from the server as anybody it wants.
> Yes, modifying the zmailer group has made the 'Sender' header  
> disappear from the outgoing messages, and I'm no longer seeing the  
> bounce messages, which I assume are going back to the original  
> senders now.
> However, something new happens when 'nobody' is included in the  
> zmailer group. Messages that are sent to special addresses on the  
> server, which our crossbar.cf file catches and redirects to a special  
> user's account, where procmail takes over, seem to be getting the  
> @domain.com part of the address stripped off.

Err...  Somewhere in there is a BIG warning, that 'nobody' user should
not be in trusted group.    What and why that was, I don't remember
at this time of the night.

You will get nasty surprises, I seem to recall.

> E.g.:
> 1. message CC'd to 'ABC-123@server.com'
> 2. crossbar.cf says that anything sent to this address is redirected  
> to 'specialuser'

Hacking crossbar.cf for this is not a good idea.
You can do it with  fqdnroute  mapping.  (Or perhaps with   fqdnalias
plain and simple.)

Of course 

> 3. specialuser's procmail script archives a copy of this message, and  
> the archived copy has only 'ABC-123' in the CC header.

The main purpose of  crossbar.cf  is visible header rewriting (e.g.
canonicalize visible headers) which may cause the observed surprise here.

> Should I expect zmailer to be editing email headers, or should I look  
> for another culprit?

Yes.  You can see what happens, by sending a test message as:

    Mail -v test@address

and in most cases it shows all processing in more detail than you
like to see...

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