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redirecting bounce messages


I have a web application that allows users to send email by passing  
the headers and message to a CGI script, which calls the mail program  
(Zmailer) on the server.

Whenever these messages are sent to invalid addresses, the bounce  
message from the destination server comes back to the web server user  
(which invoked the CGI script) 'nobody@server' and is eventually  
passed on to me.

What I'd like is for the bounce message to come back to whatever  
address is in the 'From' or 'Reply-To' header of the outgoing  
message, rather than to 'nobody@server' (which is in the 'Sender'  
header of the outgoing message).

Can I control this at all on my end with Zmailer?

Michael R. Boudreau
Senior Electronic Publishing Developer
The University of Chicago Press
1427 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
773-753-3298    fax: 773 753 3383

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