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Re: redirecting bounce messages

Roy Bixler wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 10:10:37AM -0500, Michael Boudreau wrote:
>>I have a web application that allows users to send email by passing  
>>the headers and message to a CGI script, which calls the mail program  
>>(Zmailer) on the server.
>>Whenever these messages are sent to invalid addresses, the bounce  
>>message from the destination server comes back to the web server user  
>>(which invoked the CGI script) 'nobody@server' and is eventually  
>>passed on to me.
>>What I'd like is for the bounce message to come back to whatever  
>>address is in the 'From' or 'Reply-To' header of the outgoing  
>>message, rather than to 'nobody@server' (which is in the 'Sender'  
>>header of the outgoing message).
>>Can I control this at all on my end with Zmailer?
>According to the documentation I have available (in the cf/trusted.cf
>file), ZMailer by default only trusts "root", "daemon" and "uucp" to
>change the apparently originating user.  If you want to change the
>default, create a "zmailer" group with the above "trusted" users plus
>the "nobody" user and re-start ZMailer.
I believe that I am saying the same thing but if you have a stock 
install(mine is from the RPM) in /etc/group there is a zmailer group.
Add your nobody to that line and then your cgi can invoke sendmail with 
the  "-f" option. This will mean the the user nobody can send mail from 
the server as anybody it wants.

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