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Re: redirecting bounce messages

On Aug 12, 2005, at 1:41 PM, Alvin Starr wrote:

> Roy Bixler wrote:
>> According to the documentation I have available (in the cf/trusted.cf
>> file), ZMailer by default only trusts "root", "daemon" and "uucp" to
>> change the apparently originating user.  If you want to change the
>> default, create a "zmailer" group with the above "trusted" users plus
>> the "nobody" user and re-start ZMailer.
> I believe that I am saying the same thing but if you have a stock  
> install(mine is from the RPM) in /etc/group there is a zmailer group.
> Add your nobody to that line and then your cgi can invoke sendmail  
> with the  "-f" option. This will mean the the user nobody can send  
> mail from the server as anybody it wants.

Yes, modifying the zmailer group has made the 'Sender' header  
disappear from the outgoing messages, and I'm no longer seeing the  
bounce messages, which I assume are going back to the original  
senders now.

However, something new happens when 'nobody' is included in the  
zmailer group. Messages that are sent to special addresses on the  
server, which our crossbar.cf file catches and redirects to a special  
user's account, where procmail takes over, seem to be getting the  
@domain.com part of the address stripped off.


1. message CC'd to 'ABC-123@server.com'

2. crossbar.cf says that anything sent to this address is redirected  
to 'specialuser'

3. specialuser's procmail script archives a copy of this message, and  
the archived copy has only 'ABC-123' in the CC header.

Should I expect zmailer to be editing email headers, or should I look  
for another culprit?

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