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Re: router.cf (Was: Re: zmailer 2.99.49 sets hostname to "--fqdn"!)

In article <199706190831.SAA06501@firestorm.net.house.au>,
Matt Hawkins  <matt@blitzen.canberra.edu.au> wrote:
>Matti Aarnio writes:
> > 	Replace that  router.cf  file with  proto/cf/TELE-FI.cf
> > 	from the source.  It is MUCH more generic, and the one
> > 	I use at a number of hosts.  Despite of its name, it
> > 	has nothing special for Telecom Finland.
>Hmm.. didn't seem that way for me when I tried 2.99.48p2 on my Linux
>box (running kernel v2.0.30)

TELE-FI.cf works fine for my installations. At home I also use
the 192.168/16 reserved IP range with fake domain names. It never
gave me any problems.

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