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router.cf (Was: Re: zmailer 2.99.49 sets hostname to "--fqdn"!)

Matti Aarnio writes:
 > 	Replace that  router.cf  file with  proto/cf/TELE-FI.cf
 > 	from the source.  It is MUCH more generic, and the one
 > 	I use at a number of hosts.  Despite of its name, it
 > 	has nothing special for Telecom Finland.

Hmm.. didn't seem that way for me when I tried 2.99.48p2 on my Linux
box (running kernel v2.0.30)
For some reason I could never figure out (and I tried very hard to as
I needed some excuse to not revert to *yuk* sendmail) my hostname was
set to the domain name - the non-existant private-internal-network
name in fact - and all my mail was bounced for 8 hours or more.  The
return address was set to the non-existant domain, too, which no doubt
irritated a lot of postmasters around the world.

My problem with mail is that we have a network here at home with the reserved IP range, and a fake domain "net.house.au"
All our mail comes from our university account(s) via POP3, and it's
nice to be able to send mail from home and masquerade as one of the
university servers where we really do exist.
I setup zmailer on my machine after a brief fling with qmail which
started to play up (like not listening on any port, let alone 25)
It appeared to be working fine, yet the next morning after over 300
mails bounced the error was that it couldn't deliver to
matt@net.house.au because the domain didn't exist.
Our internal DNS was working fine, the MX record for my machine was
set up fine, zmailer appeared to be set up fine to recieve mail for
firestorm.net.house.au (my machine) so I have no idea why it truncated
my hostname, nor why it couldn't resolve from a DNS that was working
fine from a shell prompt with dig & nslookup.

I'm going to try .49 now - maybe that fixed something :)  I'm really
tired of sendmail taking forever to send/recieve/deliver mail, and I'd
also like to use zmailer on a commercial host of mine, but I can't if
it does silly things like the above :(

-- Matt
PS: if, God forbid, the problem is still there - is it okay to post my
zmailer configs to the list?  I'm not in the habit of posting long files
to large mailing lists...