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Re: zmailer 2.99.49 sets hostname to "--fqdn"!

> Under Solaris 2.5.1, we had a really weird problem last night. The
> hostname kept getting changed to "--fqdn". We finally tracked it down to
> zmailer-2.99.49 -- when you put it into rule testing mode, at least, it
> sets the machine's hostname to "--fqdn". Not cool, not cool at all.

	.... Oops..   propably your  MAILSHARE/router.cf  file
	has lines:
		domainname=$(/bin/hostname --domain)
		hostname=$(/bin/hostname --fqdn)

	That is the last 'Debianism' I can quickly see in the
	sources.  At least some (in this case: Debian) package
	makers think that their system is the only one in the
	world, and if I fail to make thorough check (and its
	related generalization) on the patch I receive, other
	people end up having problems...

	Replace that  router.cf  file with  proto/cf/TELE-FI.cf
	from the source.  It is MUCH more generic, and the one
	I use at a number of hosts.  Despite of its name, it
	has nothing special for Telecom Finland.

> - donald

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>