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Re: router.cf (Was: Re: zmailer 2.99.49 sets hostname to "--fqdn"!)

> My problem with mail is that we have a network here at home with the
> reserved IP range, and a fake domain "net.house.au"
> All our mail comes from our university account(s) via POP3, and it's
> nice to be able to send mail from home and masquerade as one of the
> university servers where we really do exist.
> I setup zmailer on my machine after a brief fling with qmail which
> started to play up (like not listening on any port, let alone 25)
> It appeared to be working fine, yet the next morning after over 300
> mails bounced the error was that it couldn't deliver to
> matt@net.house.au because the domain didn't exist.
> Our internal DNS was working fine, the MX record for my machine was
> set up fine, zmailer appeared to be set up fine to recieve mail for
> firestorm.net.house.au (my machine) so I have no idea why it truncated
> my hostname, nor why it couldn't resolve from a DNS that was working
> fine from a shell prompt with dig & nslookup.

	I have this file at my workstation:
-----  /etc/mail.conf -------
#  Zmailer host dependent information
# Where am I?
# Who am I?
# What do I tell people?
# World hack!

	I have had it for ages... (or rather, nic.funet.fi has
	had similar for ages..)

	At the INSTALL file, chapter 7 starts with talk about
	this file...

> I'm going to try .49 now - maybe that fixed something :)  I'm really
> tired of sendmail taking forever to send/recieve/deliver mail, and I'd
> also like to use zmailer on a commercial host of mine, but I can't if
> it does silly things like the above :(
> -- Matt
> PS: if, God forbid, the problem is still there - is it okay to post my
> zmailer configs to the list?  I'm not in the habit of posting long files
> to large mailing lists...

	Post them to me, or make them FTP or HTTP downloadable.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>