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RE: [ZMailer] Retry Order in Scheduler.conf

> on Thursday, July 23, 2009 11:44 AM Neal Morgan wrote:
> Is there a way to change the retry order for a particular Channel/Host
in the scheduler?
> From time to time I will have a destination reject the first message
in the queue for 
> something related to content, and zmailer waits/retries patiently in
the same order
> until I either remove the offending message or the destination changes
its mind and 
> accepts the message.
> I am wondering if there is a way to make it start with a different
message on the next 
> retry rather than continue trying to deliver in order.
> I see an "AgeOrder" parameter in the scheduler.conf, but I don't see
any mention of it 
> in the man page, and I am not finding any alternatives to this that
look like what I want.
> Does such a mechanism exist?  

For the sake of documentation, I am going to answer my own question

It appears there is no opposite parm for "ageorder" in scheduler.conf.
You can disable it by commenting out the parm (e.g. "# ageorder") and
restarting zmailer.  Once disabled, scheduler seems to use a random
order instead of a strict age order.  (The answer was found in Matti's
comments in the ChangeLog from 10 May 2003).

If you are experiencing problems (for example, with AOL) where one
message is being rejected so the queue grows and grows for that
channel/host - you will want to make this change.  Be careful you only
have one scheduler.conf - or if like me you have somehow ended up with
more than one of these files in the config directories - change them all
just to be sure).

If you are concerned that randomorder will introduce delivery delays -
don't be.  My observation is zmailer gets rid of messages so fast this
is a non-issue.

Matti - A feature request: it would be nice to implement another parm
named randomorder so the choice between age order and random order is
obvious and can be overridden both globally as well as on individual
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