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RE: [ZMailer] Zmailer crashes

> on Thursday, May 20, 2010 12:00 PM Ralf Baechle wrote:
> I'm also getting segfaults from router, a few of them every week.
> It's a Debian Linux box:
> Linux mail #1 SMP Mon Oct 26 23:42:58 ART 2009 x86_64
GNU/Linux Zmailer sources from Eugene's CVS.
> I've turned on core dumps (ulimit -Sc 51200 in the shell that
starts/restarts the router) but couldn't ever get a core file, however,
if I > signal the router process with kill -SIGSEGV pid I get a core
file (useless).
> So I decided to run gdb and attach to each router process (router -dkn
> 2) and wait...
> This is what I got when router finally segfaulted.
> Can anybody help with this gdb trace?


Hopefully Matti will be able to provide some insight on your core dump.

FWIW, my original issue with SMTPServer and segfaults went away
somewhere between upgrading Debian/kernel (to 2.6.26) and getting latest
ZMailer from CVS and rebuilding.  I am not sure which of those two fixed
it, but one of them did.

I do still get the router segfaults - like you.  However, this only
seems to be happening on my two busier machines (which happen to both be
x64).  My less busy (x86) machines are not experiencing segfaults.

Most importantly, I see no evidence the segfaults are causing mail loss
or delivery delays.  A new router process is created and things continue
as normal.  (Don't get me wrong, it would be best not to get the
segfaults...it just becomes less of a priority knowing mail is still
being delivered).

I'll look forward to suggestions from Matti.



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