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RE: [ZMailer] Reorder Queue/Channel, Delete Single Message

> On Monday, May 17, 2010 9:55 AM Neal Morgan wrote:
> This is probably something I should already know.  Is there a way to 
> make zmailer re-order the queue for a particular channel/host when the

> top message is being rejected by the receiving end?  We continually
> that aol will reject a message with a temporary error, then subsequent

> messages will queue up behind it, and the queue grows larger and
> until we take manual action to correct it.  Zmailer continues to want
> deliver the messages in the original order, meaning the newer messages

> never get tried since the top message is in the way.  So, is it
> to make zmailer put the message with the temporary error at the bottom

> of the queue after some configurable number of retries?
> We have been handling this manually, by deleting the offending top
> from both the transport and queue directories.  Is there a
> way to delete a single message for a channel/host?
> We've just been using "rm" for this, then forcing a resubmit on that 
> channel/host.

I am going to answer my own question for the sake of documentation.

The correct way to deal with this is to comment out the "ageorder" parm
in scheduler.conf.  This will cause the scheduler to process messages in
a random order rather than waiting for that problem message.

Matti - can you confirm these two gueses:

1) There is no way (via mailq or other utility) to forcibly reorder the
queue for a channel/host
2) There is a way to remove a single message from the queue for a
channel/host.  See the man page for "manual-expirer".  

Matti - one additional question on expirer/manual-expirer.  What is
expected in the "-m" message string parm?
	a) message ID as seen in mailq -v  for example:
	b) spool ID as seen in syslog    for example:   S459319Ab0ETTSf
	c) inode/file name of the message    for example: 459324

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