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Re: smtp ta problem? (was: Re: hotmail problem... again :-( )


I'm seeing hotmail difficulties in my queue today, but I suspect 
of a different sort:

# mailq
        I/679544-31923: (0 tries, expires in -2h14m8s)
        L/679547-31923: (0 tries, expires in -2h6m48s)
        H/679543-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h55m8s)
        M/679548-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h54m4s)
        K/679546-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h50m44s)
        O/679550-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h49m4s)
        W/679558-3210: (0 tries, expires in -1h29m27s)
        R/679553-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h21m16s)
        S/679554-31923: (0 tries, expires in -1h20m37s)
        P/679551-31923: (0 tries, expires in -24m6s)
        J/679545-31923: (0 tries, expires in -12m28s)
        V/679531-31923: (0 tries, expires in 5m16s)

my ta-smtp logs may indicate some problem at hotmail's end I think.
It's falling down on an 11MB message (job I/679544-31923):

2520550000049271#       jobspec: I/679544-31923 hotmail.com
2520550000149271#       679544-31923: 
2520550000449272w       EHLO relay.phys.ualberta.ca
2520550000549273r       250-mc3-f40.hotmail.com ( Hello 
2520550000649273r       250-SIZE 35840000
2520550000749273r       250-PIPELINING
2520550000849273r       250-8bitmime
2520550000949273r       250-BINARYMIME
2520550001049273r       250-CHUNKING
2520550001149273r       250-VRFY
2520550001249273r       250-AUTH LOGIN
2520550001349273r       250-AUTH=LOGIN
2520550001449273r       250-X-HMAUTH
2520550001549273r       250 OK
2520550001649273#       smtpopen: status = 0
2520550001749273w       MAIL From:<xxxxxx@phys.ualberta.ca> SIZE=11876324
2520550001849273w       RCPT To:<xxxxxx@hotmail.com>
2520550001949274r       250 xxxxxx@phys.ualberta.ca....Sender OK
2520550002049274r       250 xxxxxx@hotmail.com
2520550002149274w       BDAT 64000
2520550002249279w       BDAT 64000
2520550002349322w       BDAT 64000
2520550002449393r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550002549393r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550002649393w       BDAT 64000
2520550002749442r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550002849442w       BDAT 64000
2520550002949484w       BDAT 64000
2520550003049539r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550003149539r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550003249539w       BDAT 64000
2520550003349592r       250 CHUNK received OK, 64000 Octets
2520550003449592w       BDAT 64000
2520550003549635w       BDAT 64000

this one had been in the queue for hours, with very slow transit
and not finished yet.

I moved that one out, restarted the scheduler, and the rest 
to hotmail went out just fine.

James S. MacKinnon           Office: P-139 Avadh-Bhatia Physics Lab
Team Physics                 Voice : (780) 492-8226 [old AC 403]
University of Alberta        email : Jim.MacKinnon@Phys.UAlberta.CA
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2N5     WWW   : http://www.phys.ualberta.ca/

for all that we know the universe could cease to exist at any mo

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