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Re: smtp ta problem - still there (was Re: smtp ta problem? (was: Re: hotmail problem... again :-( ))

El 6 Nov 2003 a las 16:59, Matti Aarnio escribió:

> Yes, I am reading the reports, and trying to understand the failure 
> mechanism, but sometimes things aren't that easy to comprehend..
> It does look to me that sometimes there is too much idleness in between
> previous message end, and current start, and hotmail closes the 
> connection.  Then a new MAIL FROM is issued, and it fails, but now
> connection restart is processed falsely..
> I have used a rule that when things get complicated enough for me not
> to understand them (needing more than a large cup of strong tea),
> I do beging to rewrite things.
> The trouble is real, but were and why it happens...
Great!... I got the idea that you weren't sure there was a problem. I'm 
more than OK knowing an eventual solution is somewhere in the queue... 
for now, I really have no problem using the old smtp ta.

Thanx a lot!

> > I finally solved the problem taking the smtp ta binary from an older 
> > release (2.99.56-pre4, form Februrary 15, 2003 CVS), so probably the bug 
> > slipped in sometime between Feb-15 and Sep-03.
> Ah, thanks for this clue.  Maybe I can find it now.
> (Even though the haystack is large..)

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
Did anyone see my lost carrier?

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