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Re: Zmailer is using the wrong domain name!

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 12:36:01PM -0700, Neal Morgan wrote:
> Gerard:
> Your localnames is the problem - the way you have it below instructs zmailer to rewrite the addresses.  Please try changing it like this:
> .worldofwaterson.net    worldofwaterson.net 
> .kernelrom.com      kernelrom.com
> .moac.org     moac.org

OK, I have been running now for about a week with the above and found
that it really has not fixed the real problem. :-(

This seems to have fixed some things. For example, I can sit out in
another domain and send a mail message to summerfest@moac.org and the
summerfest@moac.org address does not get transformed into a
kernelrom.com address. The summerfest@moac.org address is a fqdnalias
that gets mapped to me. So this looks good!

What still is not working is the following scenerio. A mail message is
sent to board@moac.org is still getting translated to
board@mail.kernelrom.com! But only in certain instances! I copied
myself on a test message to board@moac.org and the message I received
looked great. The other people receiving the message (i.e. the members
of board@moac.org) received the message addressed to

I should also say that the board@moac.org is a fqdnalias that expands
into several email addresses (see below). I am including it here
incase it triggers some thoughts for someone. 

board@moac.org: dkidd@pivot.net,billjohnson@acadia.net,meade@ieee.org,jwkeck@gwi.net,bekid60@aol.com,njdorran@yahoo.com,pjoy@unum.com 

Another wrinkle (but something I can live with if need be) is that if
I send an email to summerfest@moac.org from within the kernelrom.com
domain, then the email I get back (again summerfest@moac.org maps to
my kernelrom.com address) gets rewritten to

In my opinion Zmailer should never rewrite the To:, Cc: or Bcc:

I have a few questions concerning how the code operates. 

  1. Are the router processes the only ones that can rewrite email
     addresses? The scheduler and transport agents have no capablity
     to rewrite addresses, right?
  2. When a message starts to get processed, do the routers always
     start at the beginning of router.cf in processing the message or
     is router.cf (and included scripts) read once and kept in
     memory? I suspect the latter is true and if this is so the case,
     what is the entry point(s) when processing messages? This has
     always been the confusing part for me and I am not sure if I have
     ever found adequate documentation that describes this process. 
  3. What is the best way to turn on debugging to see if I can catch
     Zmailer in the act so that I can narrow down where the rewrite is

Gerard Hickey			hickey@kernelrom.com
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