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RE: Zmailer is using the wrong domain name!

Your localnames is the problem - the way you have it below instructs zmailer to rewrite the addresses.  Please try changing it like this:
.worldofwaterson.net    worldofwaterson.net 
.kernelrom.com      kernelrom.com
.moac.org     moac.org
All the best,
Neal Morgan

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	From: Gerard Hickey [mailto:hickey@mail.kernelrom.com] 
	Sent: Wed 9/24/2003 12:29 PM 
	To: Matti Aarnio 
	Cc: zmailer@nic.funet.fi 
	Subject: Re: Zmailer is using the wrong domain name!

	On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 09:34:13PM +0300, Matti Aarnio wrote:
	> On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 01:59:14PM -0400, Gerard Hickey wrote:
	> > Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidance?
	> >
	> > I send a message to the list two days ago that I hoped would generate
	> > some ideas of why Zmailer is replacing the domain name on all the
	> > email that it is processing.
	> I didn't see it, although it is possible that I junked couple
	> "for approval" filtered messages.
	> > I am finding that any address in a mail message (From:, To:, Cc:,
	> > etc.) that has a domain that Zmailer processes messages for, Zmailer
	> > is replacing that domain name with the name of the machine. This is
	> > getting frustrating and I am not able to find anything on the net or
	> > in the archives that gives me an indication of why this is happening.
	> I think you have following kind of line in your   localnames  file:
	>       .       mail.kernelrom.com
	> Using '.' there is BAD IDEA.
	OK, I just checked my localnames file and I wish it were that
	easy. The following is the entire file at the moment.
	#b  Remap local names (and recognize them) to their "canonic" forms.
	#c  thus having multiple machines on the same mailer..
	#z nicname              canonic.name
	ftp                     mail.kernelrom.com
	ftp.kernelrom.com       mail.kernelrom.com
	imap                    mail.kernelrom.com
	imap.kernelrom.com      mail.kernelrom.com
	kernelrom.com           mail.kernelrom.com
	list                    mail.kenrelrom.com
	list.kernelrom.com      mail.kernelrom.com
	lists                   mail.kernelrom.com
	lists.kernelrom.com     mail.kernelrom.com
	lists.moac.org          mail.kernelrom.com
	mail                    mail.kernelrom.com
	moac.org                mail.kernelrom.com
	pop                     mail.kernelrom.com
	pop.kernelrom.com       mail.kernelrom.com
	smtp                    mail.kernelrom.com
	smtp.kernelrom.com      mail.kernelrom.com
	worldofwaterson.net     mail.kernelrom.com
	www                     mail.kernelrom.com
	www.kernelrom.com       mail.kernelrom.com
	www.moac.org            mail.kernelrom.com  
	www.worldofwaterson.net mail.kernelrom.com
	Given that using . is a bad idea, could it also be that using mail
	(the name of the system) is also a bad idea? I will give it a try here
	in a moment.
	Gerard Hickey                   hickey@kernelrom.com
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