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Re: subdirs in postman?

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 14:21, Eugene Crosser wrote:

> > Ok, you have a BAD MESSAGE, could you upload the spool file to
> >     ftp://zmailer.org/incoming/  
> > directory ?  I will try to see why it gets upset.
> The one that caused core was not the one that was stuck in the queue. 
> They both got processed on router restart (and I don't have either of
> them anymore).  I am now checking a theory that this is gdbm's fault (I
> got problems earlier: router compiled with gdbm on Solaris leaked file
> descriptors).  I am now compiling --without-gdbm, will report if it
> makes a difference.

Yes, that's probably it!  No more stuck files.
This is SPARC/Solaris8.  When working with gdbm, router crunches a few
dozen messages and then stops working.  According to my previous
research with lsof, the child processes have very many open files.


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