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rfc822 header canonicalization


I have a zmailer running as a border server (no local mailboxes), where I do 
some anti-spam/anti-virus.

Is there a way to avoid the RFC822 address headers from being canonicalized.

That is, someone (probably a spammer) is sending a message with these 

From: some single words
To: some user

And then (after router canonicalizes them) they arrive as:

From: some@my.domain.com, single@my.domain.com, words@my.domain.com
To: some@my.domain.com, user@my.domain.com

Now, lusers inside say that they're being spammed from outside with 
my.domain.com addresses :-(

Is there a way to avoid the header canonicalization from happening? (I don't 
know how to zsh, so if it's easy, I'd like to have some concrete example :-)

I'm using 2.99.56-pre9 taken from CVS on September 3.


Mariano Absatz
El Baby
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

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