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Re: Zmailer is using the wrong domain name!

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 03:29:07PM -0400, Gerard Hickey wrote:
> Given that using . is a bad idea, could it also be that using mail
> (the name of the system) is also a bad idea? I will give it a try here
> in a moment.

Well, I took out the line for the unqualified name 'mail' and it seems
to be working!!! Thanks!! Hopefully you will be able to confirm that
this is why the domain names were being replaced. 

Might I suggest a couple of changes to section of the
in-process manual. 

   1. A warning be added about '.' and the unqualified hostname.
   2. A better description about figure 5-4 be added. Given 
      this figure, one can take it (as I did) that the local
      hostname needs to be added to the localnames file. Maybe
      even a quick line that states what the hostname is where
      this file came from (was it astro, sirus, oj287 or none
      of these?)
   3. It might also be nice (OK, I know I am asking a lot here)
      to reference where the configuration files get referenced 
      in the the cf directory scripts. If it could be narrowed 
      down to the principle routines, that would be great. 

Since I can not find an contact email address for the manual, can you
forward the above to the maintainers so that the first two items can
be added to the TODO list. 

Thanks.... (I am so happy that I don't have to think about changing to
another mail server software!!!)
Gerard Hickey			hickey@kernelrom.com
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