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Zmailer is using the wrong domain name!

Is there anyone out there that can give me some guidance? 

I send a message to the list two days ago that I hoped would generate
some ideas of why Zmailer is replacing the domain name on all the
email that it is processing. 

I am finding that any address in a mail message (From:, To:, Cc:,
etc.) that has a domain that Zmailer processes messages for, Zmailer
is replacing that domain name with the name of the machine. This is
getting frustrating and I am not able to find anything on the net or
in the archives that gives me an indication of why this is happening. 

Here are some examples:

   Mail received as          Address after Zmailer processes message 
hickey@kernelrom.com         hickey@mail.kernelrom.com
info@moac.org                info@mail.kernelrom.com
webmaster@worldofwaterson.net   webmaster@mail.kernelrom.com

Basically any address that Zmailer processes for any of the local
domains (real or virtual) is getting the domain name replaced by the

I really can not beleive that people have not seen this before and it
must be something trivial that I have setup on my end. What's more is
that I can not find anything even remotely close to it in the Zmailer

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what to go look at?

Gerard Hickey			hickey@kernelrom.com
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