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Re: Syntax question: smtp-policy.spam

Matti Aarnio wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 01:30:39PM -0600, Daryle A. Tilroe wrote:
> > I am using this feature to stop quite a bit of inbound junk
> > at the smtpserver stage.  For example I put old employee
> > addresses in here.  I think this may be a stupid question but
> > if and how can regular expressions/wild cards work here.  My
> > specific example is that I would like to block email with
> > a "." in the to name part of the address sent to my domain.
> > For example:
>   The whole facility is written with "pick the (sub-part-of) address,
>   see if it can be found from the policy database by simple lookup"
>   paradigm.  It really can't do any sort of iterative regular expression
>   analysis.  Also, it works with MAIL FROM and RCPT TO envelope addresses
>   only, paying no attention to message content (visible From:/To:/Cc:)
> > 37fec9d9.ce0b4247@micralyne.com
> >
> > This should be simple since I can block both inbound and
> > internal as no valid email addresses in my domain have a ".".
> > Something like this:
> >
> > .*[\.].*@micralyne.com$
> >
> > So is this possible at all?
>   Perhaps.  The  "man smtpserver" does describe "CONTENTFILTER
>   INTERFACE", which is somewhat fragile, and difficult to use,
>   especially when the filter program has a bug (like I had
>   last weekend here at nic.funet.fi...)

So basically using the existing smtp-policy setup there is no
way to do this because the lookup cannnot understand any
regular expressions?

Daryle A. Tilroe
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