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New Release Imminent?

I just noticed in the last thread on 'Zmailer to Exchange bug ?'
that Matti was suggesting that the next release (2.99.56?) is
possible quite soon.

I am within a few days/weeks of rolling out a new mail server to
replace my venerable, old 2.99.50-s4 machine.  After considering
exim or postfix I decided to stick with zmailer as it has served
me well the last 7 years (has it really been that long?!).  Better
an evil you know and all that :-).

One thing struck me though; zmailer does not quite seem to have
the same visibility and size and/or activity of user base as some
of the other MTA software these days.  It is a little unfortunate
since I believe it was certainly ahead of it's time several years
ago.  I guess zmailer has probably stagnated a little due to
Matti's real job and it has also been a victim of it's own stability
and features in that it has not seemed to required a lot of
upgrading and development, particularly lately.  By the latter I
guess I am alluding to users like myself who can set up a server
and then have it chug away for years with minimal intervention.  In
the last 4 years since upgrading to 2.99.50-s4 I think I have had
to make 3 or 4 non-critical tweaks and it has never crashed on me.
The only reason for upgrading now is that the old server needed a
complete hardware upgrade for space and performance reasons and it
seemed like a good time to upgrade all the software as well.  BTW
do NOT take this rambling as any sort of criticism, rather an

Anyhow, the new box is running RH7.2 and I had originally tried
compiling 2.99.55.patch1 but after some fooling around gave up
and checked out the latest CVS source (about a month ago now).
The CVS complied quite nicely and seems to work well in testing
but I am a trifle nervous about releasing it to a production
environment.  I guess I am interested in what it's shortcomings
might be and/or when 2.99.56 is going to be frozen?  Hey only 44
more revs till gold :-) or do we switch to

On a somewhat unrelated note; what are the correct parameters and
test for the smtpserver security bug in the latest releases?  I.E.
is it now completely safe to leave the 'ftve' flags in and what
result should the 'MAIL FROM...' test return?:


Daryle A. Tilroe
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