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I just upgraded from zmailer 2.99.53-pre1 to cvs-current.  Wanting to avoid
upgrade problems in the past and not yet trusting the checksum checks, I
moved my install directory out of the way, did what would now be a "fresh"
install, and then edited the new db files to reflect the customizations in
my old installation.

The first thing that I noticed was that, as postmaster, I was now receiving
error mail about "nosuchsuser".  After a bit of looking, I determined that
it was a case where my old installation had a forms/nosuchuser, but the new
one did not.  I don't recall if that was a customization at some point or not.

So, was forms/nosuchuser ever in the CVS repository?  If so, why was it
removed?  If not, is there any reason why it should not be there by default?

         Devin Reade         <gdr@gno.org>

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