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Re: Duplicate emails on Zmailer 2.99.55

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 10:30:09AM -0400, doug@schwoo.com wrote:
> Hey, 
> I could realy use some help here, some of my end users are getting randomly
> duplicate emails, it seems like there is a timeout or a delay is messing up.
> I have checked the FAQ nothing there, searched news groups. Well anyway this
> is a cutout from my maillog.
> I dont know if you guys need more info, if so please notify me  
> Jun 10 05:38:35 ns smtp[6518]: S250217AbRFHMsj: to=<user@domain.name>,
> delay=44:49:56, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=smtp, stat=deferred ^M
> remote hung up on us while 1 responses missing cvt=NONE

   "protect the innocent" (sanitize data) is ok, but is
   there really no   relay=  part in between  mailer= and stat= ??
   If not, that would give me a clue of its own..

   What kind of machine is that into which the delivery is
   attempted ?  That is, what SMTP server software it runs ?

   Could it be closing the reception session by crashing the MTA
   at the remote end due to some resource exhaustion ?

   You could route email to the destination  domain.name  via
   the   smtp-log!   channel.    See examples in the start comments
   of file  proto/db/routes  in the source tree.

   That channel will log the entire outgoing smtp sessions
   (when called for it via e.g. routing)  $LOGDIR/smtp-log  file.

   Remaining task after few days/a week(?) of data collection is
   then to pick delivery sessions where deferrence is logged, but
   delivery has been done.

   Sending selected samples of that log could supply a clue if
   something is wrong -- which is possible.

   I have also published a  2.99.55-patch1,  which contains several
   pipelining related syncing problem fixes, although even after that
   I have seen, and fixed, one additional syncup problem.

   Still I am not sure that any of the problems I had spotted have
   anything to do with the case which yours appears to be...

> Doug

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>
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