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Matti Aarnio wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 12:34:30PM +0200, Martin Wendel wrote:
> > E-Mail: Martin.Wendel@ITS.UU.SE        Snail-Mail:  ITS
>   So much for predicting when I complete the LMTP ...
>   It is now committed into the CVS, and the normal SMTP seems to
>   works in this new code as well, so things are promising.
>   Martin, if you could test the beast, I would get to know if
>   the LMTP part works also.

There seems to be some more work to be done and I suppose it is
easier for you to debug the code. I've done tests with two
recipients; both will get 250 replies on RCPT TO but one will
yield a write error 451 on delivery. This test will probably be enough
to decide if it works or not. With your new smtp both tests fail,
I'll include the logs below. Pipelining hangs for some reason and
non-pipelining responds to the one delivery failure by resending
the message to both recipients.

289460f0000035375#      jobspec: #idle
289460f0000135375#      jobspec: G/643116-642006        []
289460f0000235375#      643116-642006:
289460f0000335375#      smtpopen: connecting to []
289460f0000435375#      smtpconn: host = []
289460f0000535375#      (Connecting to `localhost' [|2525] Thu
Oct 12 07:22:55 2000)
289460f0000635375#      Attempting to read reply
289460f0000735375r      220 merganser LMTP ready
289460f0000835375#      smtpconn: retval = 0
289460f0000935375w      LHLO localhost
289460f0001035375#      Attempting to read reply

289460f0001135375r      250-merganser

289460f0001235375r      250-8BITMIME

289460f0001335375r      250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
289460f0001435375r      250 PIPELINING
289460f0001535375#      smtpopen: status = 0
289460f0001635375w      MAIL From:<martinw> BODY=8BITMIME
289460f0001735375w      RCPT To:<upunet-s-test@lmtp.its.uu.se>
289460f0001835375w      RCPT To:<martinw@lmtp.its.uu.se>
289460f0001935375w      DATA
289460f0002035375#      select_sleep(6,300); rc=0
289460f0002135375#      (pipebufsize=14, s=0, eol=14)

289460f0002235375r      250 2.1.0 ok
289460f0002335375#      select_sleep(6,300); rc=0
289460f0002435375#      (pipebufsize=28, s=0, eol=14)

289460f0002535375r      250 2.1.5 ok
289460f0002635375#      (pipebufsize=14, s=0, eol=14)

289460f0002735375r      250 2.1.5 ok
289460f0002835376#      select_sleep(6,300); rc=0
289460f0002935376#      (pipebufsize=14, s=0, eol=14)

289460f0003035376r      354 go ahead
289460f0003135676#      select_sleep(6,300); rc=-1
289460f0003235676#      Timeout (300 sec) while waiting responses from
remote (errno=0)
289460f0003335676#       smtp_sync() did yield code 75
289460f0003435676#      (closed SMTP channel - DATA ok, but MAIL
FROM/RCPT TO failed!  rc=-999)
289460f0003535676#      (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
289460f0003635677#      jobspec: #idle
289460f0003735982#      jobspec: 

Non pipelining:

497716P0004434696#      jobspec: #idle
497716P0004534726#      jobspec: U/540846-779680        []
497716P0004634726#      540846-779680:
497716P0004734726#      (Connecting to `localhost' [|2525] Thu
Oct 12 07:12:06 2000)
497716P0004834726r      220 merganser LMTP ready
497716P0004934726w      LHLO localhost
497716P0005034726r      250-merganser
497716P0005134726r      250-8BITMIME
497716P0005234726r      250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
497716P0005334726r      250 PIPELINING
497716P0005434726#      smtpopen: status = 0
497716P0005534726w      MAIL From:<martinw> BODY=8BITMIME
497716P0005634726r      250 2.1.0 ok
497716P0005734726w      RCPT To:<upunet-s-test@lmtp.its.uu.se>
497716P0005834726r      250 2.1.5 ok
497716P0005934726w      RCPT To:<martinw@lmtp.its.uu.se>
497716P0006034726r      250 2.1.5 ok
497716P0006134726w      DATA
497716P0006234726r      354 go ahead
497716P0006334726w      .
497716P0006434731r      451 4.3.0 System I/O error
250 2.1.5 Ok
497716P0006534731#      (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
497716P0006634731#      jobspec: #idle
497716P0006734785#      jobspec: U/540846-779680        []
497716P0006834785#      540846-779680:
497716P0006934785#      (Connecting to `localhost' [|2525] Thu
Oct 12 07:13:05 2000)
497716P0007034785r      220 merganser LMTP ready
497716P0007134785w      LHLO localhost
497716P0007234785r      250-merganser
497716P0007334785r      250-8BITMIME
497716P0007434785r      250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
497716P0007534785r      250 PIPELINING
497716P0007634785#      smtpopen: status = 0
497716P0007734785w      MAIL From:<martinw> BODY=8BITMIME
497716P0007834785r      250 2.1.0 ok
497716P0007934785w      RCPT To:<upunet-s-test@lmtp.its.uu.se>
497716P0008034785r      250 2.1.5 ok
497716P0008134785w      RCPT To:<martinw@lmtp.its.uu.se>
497716P0008234785r      250 2.1.5 ok
497716P0008334785w      DATA
497716P0008434785r      354 go ahead
497716P0008534785w      .
497716P0008634793r      451 4.3.0 System I/O error
250 2.1.5 Ok
497716P0008734793#      (closed SMTP channel - after delivery failure)
497716P0008834793#      jobspec: #idle
etc... until the message expires.

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