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UUCP and fqdnaliases


I have uucp<->smtp gateway server (it's name lpc1).
lpc1 is mail exchanger for domain cb.spb.ru.
File fqdnaliases contains line:
test@cb.spb.ru:	root@lpc1.stu.neva.ru

Mail to test@cb.spb.ru delivered successfully (I using SMTP protocol)
(scheduler.perflog -> ok3 local/test@cb.spb.ru)

If I use UUCP protocol, mail to test@cb.spb.ru not delivered.
(scheduler.perflog -> error smtp/cb.spb.ru)

Error is: "
  Original Recipient:
  Control data:
    smtp cb.spb.ru test@cb.spb.ru 99
  Diagnostic texts:
    Trying to talk with myself! "

Mail to other adresses (lpc1 do not MX for it) via UUCP delivered

If I removing detecting loop lines from smtp.c, mail via UCP to
test@cb.spb.ru delivered OK.

PS: test@cb.spb.ru some example address...
routes file does not contain lines for cb.spb.ru.

In what I am not right?

Petr Novopashenniy,