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scheduler: unlink(...): No such file or directory

I guess I should upgrade to 2.99.54 tomorrow; this looks like Eugene's
problem, although this is not Solaris...

bash# cat -v /var/log/scheduler
scheduler: unlink(../queue/(^E^H^HM-Ho^Z): No such file or directory
scheduler: scheduler daemon (2.99.53 #2: Wed Sep  6 10:47:39 EDT 2000)
        pid 30683 started at Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:15:13 -0400

Synchronous startup completed, messages: 8 (-1 skipped) recipients: 8
scheduler: unlink(../queue/85742-30M-X): No such file or directory

The scheduler process is nowhere to be found.

In case this is a different problem, this is 2.99.53 on i386 Linux.

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