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Re: other problems (Re: make clean/distclean fails)

On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 09:13:48PM -0000, Tomasz Bojakowski wrote:
> Pewnego pi?knego dnia 28-Mar-00 Matti Aarnio napisa?(-a):
> Well, I've made ./configure just after posting it here, but Thanx :))
> However I've go diffrent problems mailny 3... :)
> 1) When starting zmailer, smtpserver doesn't creat
>    /var/spool/postoffice/.pid.smtpserver, so it cannot be killed / shuted
>    downe... [when typing zmailer stop or zmailer kill], it fails since
>    2.99.52 relase [in 2.99.51 was working]
>    Check on both, my system [OpenBSD-2.4 previoulsy, now, on
>    OpenBSD-2.6-current, and on Solaris 2.6]

	That's odd.  It works well at my RedHat 6.1 (Alpha), and
	Solaris 2.6/SPARC systems.  The pid-file exists.

> 2) ROUTEROPTIONS="-dkn 3" in My zmailer.conf, but there is +one router
>    process. 
>    <mad@devil|~># ps -ax | grep router
>    9979 ??  I       0:00.00 router -dkn 3 
>    15668 ??  I       0:00.24 router -dkn 3 
>    20115 ??  Ss      0:00.03 router -dkn 3 
>    27712 ??  I       0:00.08 router -dkn 3 
>    20115 is sesion leader in this case, but in 2.99.51, when I had -dkn3 there
>    were 2 childs + session leader, so correctly - as in config. But its rather
>    minor problem for me. 
>    Alose I've noticed on same system [OBSD2.4, 2.6-current, Solaris 2.6]

	This is result from queuing/logging daemon being the session leader,
	and workers (3 in this case) running under it.

> 3) Uh, I've noticed it only on OpenBSD-2.4/2.6-current [but tested on Soalris
>    too. In smtpserver.conf there is option:
>    PARAM BindAddress        [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] # Binding address - for
>                                               # multihomers..
>    Now, when I telnet to OBSD machine, to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 25, then 
>    correctly there is zmailer, now, when i connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy port 25,
>    where xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy is assigned to same machin (ipalias) I alos get
>    zmailer, and IMO I shouldn't. On solaris when I connect to other IP address
>    (asigned to solaris box) on port 25, I've got connection refused [but mails
>    for domain connected with xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy are recived (couse xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>    is main MX)]. I suppose it a problem in binding to IP addresses on OBSD.
>    Of course both system are working properly, so I'm not worried, but It
>    interests me a little bit. 

	lsof might tell something interesting, also running syscall trace
	at OBSD startup of the smtpserver process could tell interesting bits.
	Is there perhaps something set in address structure which should be
	zero ?  (And thus failing the bind() operation.)

	Oh yes, also 'netstat -na' chould be usefull -- how the TCP/25
	port bindings are present ?  With fixed IP, or with wildcard IP ?

> First 2 of these thing's I've noticed some time ago, 3rd just few days ago
> [when setting up zmailer on solaris]
>         Tomasz Bojakowski
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