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Re: make clean/distclean fails

On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 08:42:40PM -0000, Tomasz Bojakowski wrote:
> Hi, 
> After cvs -z9 update -dAP made today, I've got this error message when I want
> to make clean, or distclean [I'm always doing it before recompiling zmailer or
> any other prog.

   The file you encounter missing is now generated by the  ./configure;
   something which I learned while checking why Solaris 2.6 had odd problems,
   and also when I tried to do subdirectory compilation -- that is:
	.../zmailer> mkdir sysname; cd sysname; ../configure ....

   The "make clean" isn't guaranteed to work without ./configure  run.
   (And certainly "make distclean" works only once after configure.)

> It was warking before cvs, so it's smoewhere there, in zmailer.
>         Tomasz Bojakowski
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