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Re: other problems

Pewnego pięknego dnia 28-Mar-00 Matti Aarnio napisał(-a):
> On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 09:13:48PM -0000, Tomasz Bojakowski wrote:
>> Pewnego pi?knego dnia 28-Mar-00 Matti Aarnio napisa?(-a):
> ...
>> 1) When starting zmailer, smtpserver doesn't create
>>    /var/spool/postoffice/.pid.smtpserver, so it cannot be killed / shuted
>>    downe... [when typing zmailer stop or zmailer kill], it fails since
>>    2.99.52 relase [in 2.99.51 was working]
>>    Check on both, my system [OpenBSD-2.4 previoulsy, now, on
>>    OpenBSD-2.6-current, and on Solaris 2.6]
>       That's odd.  It works well at my RedHat 6.1 (Alpha), and
>       Solaris 2.6/SPARC systems.  The pid-file exists.

  Here's the test:

[root@devil|~]# zmailer
Starting Zmailer mail server: router scheduler smtpserver
[root@devil|~]# ls -a /var/spool/postoffice/
.               .pid.scheduler  deferred        public          transport
..              TLSclntcache    freezer         queue
.pid.router     TLSsrvrcache    postman         router
[root@devil|~]# zmailer stop
Stopping Zmailer services: router scheduler smtpserver
[root@devil|~]# ps -ax | grep smtpserver
 3979 ??  Ss      0:00.00 smtpserver -a -l /var/log/mail/smtpserver 
31061 p2  R       0:00.00 grep smtpserver (zsh)

Same on both OBSD boxes, and one Solaris2.6/SPARC, weird, isn't it ?
I'll get look close to it [meybe patch it].

>> 2) ROUTEROPTIONS="-dkn 3" in My zmailer.conf, but there is +one router
>>    process. 
[cut - mine]
>       This is result from queuing/logging daemon being the session leader,
>       and workers (3 in this case) running under it.

Ok, that's not a problem. :)

>> 3) Uh, I've noticed it only on OpenBSD-2.4/2.6-current [but tested on
>> Soalris
>>    too. In smtpserver.conf there is option:
>>    PARAM BindAddress        [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] # Binding address - for
>>                                               # multihomers..
>>    Now, when I telnet to OBSD machine, to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 25, then 
>>    correctly there is zmailer, now, when i connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy port
>>    25,
>>    where xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy is assigned to same machin (ipalias) I alos get
>>    zmailer, and IMO I shouldn't. On solaris when I connect to other IP
>>    address
>>    (asigned to solaris box) on port 25, I've got connection refused [but
>>    mails
>>    for domain connected with xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy are recived (couse
>>    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>>    is main MX)]. I suppose it a problem in binding to IP addresses on OBSD.
>>    Of course both system are working properly, so I'm not worried, but It
>>    interests me a little bit. 
>       lsof might tell something interesting, also running syscall trace
>       at OBSD startup of the smtpserver process could tell interesting bits.
>       Is there perhaps something set in address structure which should be
>       zero ?  (And thus failing the bind() operation.)

<mad@devil|~># lsof -u `id -un root` | grep TCP | grep smtp
smtpserve  5603 root    4u  IPv4 0xe08a8100        0t0     TCP *:smtp

That 0xe08a8100 (last hex numb, 00 mean probably [duh, I'm not good at hex,
sorry] that it listens on my xxx.xxx.xxx.0], but why, BindAddress is
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. I'll try to debug it later...

>       Oh yes, also 'netstat -na' chould be usefull -- how the TCP/25
>       port bindings are present ?  With fixed IP, or with wildcard IP ?

Seems it is wildcard IP...

<mad@devil|~># netstat -na | more
Active Internet connections (including servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        (state)
tcp        0      0  *.174                  *.*                    LISTEN
tcp        0      0  *.25                   *.*                    LISTEN
> /Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

        Tomasz Bojakowski

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