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other problems (Re: make clean/distclean fails)

Pewnego pięknego dnia 28-Mar-00 Matti Aarnio napisał(-a):
> On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 08:42:40PM -0000, Tomasz Bojakowski wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> After cvs -z9 update -dAP made today, I've got this error message when I
>> want
>> to make clean, or distclean [I'm always doing it before recompiling zmailer
>> or
>> any other prog.
>    The file you encounter missing is now generated by the  ./configure;
>    something which I learned while checking why Solaris 2.6 had odd
> problems,
>    and also when I tried to do subdirectory compilation -- that is:
>       .../zmailer> mkdir sysname; cd sysname; ../configure ....
>    The "make clean" isn't guaranteed to work without ./configure  run.
>    (And certainly "make distclean" works only once after configure.)

Well, I've made ./configure just after posting it here, but Thanx :))
However I've go diffrent problems mailny 3... :)

1) When starting zmailer, smtpserver doesn't creat
   /var/spool/postoffice/.pid.smtpserver, so it cannot be killed / shuted
   downe... [when typing zmailer stop or zmailer kill], it fails since
   2.99.52 relase [in 2.99.51 was working]
   Check on both, my system [OpenBSD-2.4 previoulsy, now, on
   OpenBSD-2.6-current, and on Solaris 2.6]

2) ROUTEROPTIONS="-dkn 3" in My zmailer.conf, but there is +one router
   <mad@devil|~># ps -ax | grep router
   9979 ??  I       0:00.00 router -dkn 3 
   15668 ??  I       0:00.24 router -dkn 3 
   20115 ??  Ss      0:00.03 router -dkn 3 
   27712 ??  I       0:00.08 router -dkn 3 

   20115 is sesion leader in this case, but in 2.99.51, when I had -dkn3 there
   were 2 childs + session leader, so correctly - as in config. But its rather
   minor problem for me. 
   Alose I've noticed on same system [OBSD2.4, 2.6-current, Solaris 2.6]

3) Uh, I've noticed it only on OpenBSD-2.4/2.6-current [but tested on Soalris
   too. In smtpserver.conf there is option:

   PARAM BindAddress        [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] # Binding address - for
                                              # multihomers..

   Now, when I telnet to OBSD machine, to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 25, then 
   correctly there is zmailer, now, when i connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy port 25,
   where xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy is assigned to same machin (ipalias) I alos get
   zmailer, and IMO I shouldn't. On solaris when I connect to other IP address
   (asigned to solaris box) on port 25, I've got connection refused [but mails
   for domain connected with xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy are recived (couse xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
   is main MX)]. I suppose it a problem in binding to IP addresses on OBSD.
   Of course both system are working properly, so I'm not worried, but It
   interests me a little bit. 

First 2 of these thing's I've noticed some time ago, 3rd just few days ago
[when setting up zmailer on solaris]

> -- 
> /Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

        Tomasz Bojakowski

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