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Follow-up: Zmailer question: y2kish bug?

Well I spent some time poking around in the code.  I thought I had found
something when I came across:

#define THISCENTURY 19

in router/dateparse.c.  However changing this to "20" didn't keep the router
from rewriting the date field incorrectly.  Looking further it wasn't
immediately obvious what the impact of this define was so I left it for now.

Looking at /lib/rfc822date.c I started to work through the mess of timezone
related defines in the hope that fixing the original problem might cure
the new one.  However since there are a lot them and I am rather rusty I
thought someone might be able to quickly tell me what went wrong in my
config.h for RedHat 5.0 timezone related stuff:

/* Define if your struct tm has tm_zone.  */
/* #undef HAVE_TM_ZONE */

/* Define if you don't have tm_zone but do have the external array
   tzname.  */
#define HAVE_TZNAME 1
/* Timezone information storage */
/* If 'struct tm' has a 'tm_zone' member */
/* #undef HAVE_TM_ZONE */
/* Alternatively if the  'extern char *zname[];' is found: */
#define HAVE_TZNAME 1
/* Perhaps 'struct tm' has 'tm_gmtoff' member ? */
/* #undef HAVE_TM_GMTOFF */
/* or perhaps there is global variable 'altzone' ? (and friends) */
/* #undef HAVE_ALTZONE */
/* or maybe we have POSIX (?) style with only one variable: */
/* #undef HAVE_TIMEZONE */ 


Daryle A. Tilroe