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Zmailer question: y2kish bug?

About a year and a half ago on the list I noticed a few messages
about 50s4/s5 not correctly reporting the timezone.  I noticed the effect but
since it only appeared in in the SMTP server greeting (+0000 instead of -0700)
I let it go.  Now I am still running s4 (with the security kludge) and since
it seems quite stable I am loath to change anything.  However with the 2000
rollover the router now seems to be rewriting the date field in the message
with the +0000 offset as well.  I am running zmailer under RedHat5.0.

Now obviously I can upgrade to the latest zmailer and the problem might go
away (Matti has the timezone code changed in the last year and a half?) but
I'd rather just change a little something in the s4 source and do a small
recompile and binary replacement or better yet is there some sort of
undocumented timezone override in any of the config files?

That will likely fix the problem, at least for mail in my timezone, however
it appears that zmailer is also rewriting all the timezones to GMT and I
don't know if the update will get rid of this new y2000 effect.  It seems
likely, however, that it will go away at the same time as the reported SMTP
timezone is fixed as long as the fix also corrects the timezone that the
router thinks it is in.

This due to the fact that I suspect the router may be rewriting the timezone
now since it suddenly does not like to see mail from the "future".  That is to
say that since the rollover to 2000 the router now seems to be pickier and
assume that timezones west of GMT (don't forget that it thinks it is in GMT
while I am really in MST) are reporting bogus future times and resets them 
to the "present".  I have yet receive mail from someone east of GMT so I
cannot confirm my theory.

Any ideas to get me out of the "past" or perhaps that should be "back to the
future" :-).

Daryle A. Tilroe