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Re: Zmailer question: y2kish bug?

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 03:05:09PM +0000, Daryle A. Tilroe wrote:
> About a year and a half ago on the list I noticed a few messages
> about 50s4/s5 not correctly reporting the timezone.  I noticed the effect but
> since it only appeared in in the SMTP server greeting (+0000 instead of -0700)
> I let it go.  Now I am still running s4 (with the security kludge) and since
> it seems quite stable I am loath to change anything.  However with the 2000
> rollover the router now seems to be rewriting the date field in the message
> with the +0000 offset as well.  I am running zmailer under RedHat5.0.

	Rewrite Date: ??  Uhh.. It should not do that.

	Ah, in between 2.99.50s8 and 2.99.50s9 I changed Router
	from "mark invalid headers" to "ignore invalid headers"
	as the default -- let troubles to fall to the recipient..

	Do you, by change, have  "Illegal-Object: Date: ..." type
	of line(s) in there ?

> That will likely fix the problem, at least for mail in my timezone, however
> it appears that zmailer is also rewriting all the timezones to GMT and I
> don't know if the update will get rid of this new y2000 effect.  It seems
> likely, however, that it will go away at the same time as the reported SMTP
> timezone is fixed as long as the fix also corrects the timezone that the
> router thinks it is in.

	It could also be that   localtime()  routine which ZMailer does
	use is somewhat suspicuous -- that is your system  libc  issue.

> to the "present".  I have yet receive mail from someone east of GMT so I
> cannot confirm my theory.

	Hi, I am east :)

> Any ideas to get me out of the "past" or perhaps that should be "back to the
> future" :-).
> -- 
> Daryle A. Tilroe

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>