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Re: Install problem with 2.99.50s10

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Brian Dockter wrote:

> I just finished an install of zmailer on a virgin system. I downloaded
> what I thought wat the latest (2.99.50s10) and followed the
> instructions in INSTALL carefully. When I brought up the system (step
> 16) and checked the logs (step 17) I discovered the following error:
>      scheduler: /opt/zmailer/scheduler.conf: No such file or
>      directory
> I checked the zmailer directory; it wasn't there. I checked another
> system that has zmailer running; it was there. I checked the INSTALL
> file to see if I missed a step. I found no mention of scheduler.conf in
> the INSTALL file.
> Did I miss something?

Prototypes of files that belong in the installation (prefix=)
directory should be in the proto subdirectory (based on your message
above, it should be /opt/zmailer/proto).  This is also true for other
files you might use in other directories.

For example, prototypes of files that normally live in $prefix/db can be
found in $prefix/db/proto.

These files are meant as examples, so be sure to fit them to your site.


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