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Re: simple questions...I hope

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, Bob Manson wrote:

> I'm trying to configure the smtp-policy.relay file in my new installation
> of zmailer-2.99.50s10 on a test machine and am having some problems
> getting it to work. If I telnet to the sendmail port of machine "a.b.c"
> and manually try to relay to d.e.f (i.e. MAIL To:<bob@d.e.f>) I get a
> message: 

What is the IP address of the machine you used to telnet to the SMTP port
in the first case?  The second case?  

Did you telnet to localhost directly on the machine running the
smtpserver?  If so, your client IP is not the host ethernet interface's IP
address, but the localhost IP (, which is not included in your
example file below.

> 553 5.7.1 Policy rejection on the target address
> However, if I send mail from another machine on a different network (mail
> a.b.c\!d.e.f\!bob), the message is accepted and relayed to bob@d.e.f
> As suggested in the manual, my smtp-policy.src file contains:
> #| -- 1st alternate: No MX target usage, no DNS existence verify
> #|    Will accept for reception only those domains explicitely listed
> #|    in  'smtp-policy.mx'  and  'localnames'  files.  Will not do
> #|    verifications on validity/invalidity of source domains:  <foo@bar>
> #
> .                       relaycustomer - relaytarget -
> []/0             relaycustomer - relaytarget -
> #
> Except for the comments, the sntp-policy.relay contains:
> []/24        fulltrustnet +
> And I do remember to run the policy builder script.
> Can anyone tell me what I've missed?

There's not quite enough info for me to tell what's going on here.


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