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Re: zmailer-cvs-29949p10s9 - hanging sessions

> Matti,
> I installed zmailer-cvs-29949p10s9 and quickly found a problem.  (at least)
> when two zmailers speak to each other and there is more then one message
> to transfer, the first message is passed and processed, and then smtp
> TA and smtpserver stay connected forever but no messages are transferred.
> If you kill either smtp or smtpserver, the next one message is passed and
> they stay hung again.  Both systems are SS20 Solars 2.5.1, gcc.

	Very true.

	My CVS tree has fixes that since late friday, but ok,
	pushing a full snapshot from my tree is quick -- done.

> I experimented a bit taking smtp and/or smtpserver from .49p9, very briefly,
> then rolled back to .49p9 on the production machine; on the development
> host there is p10s9 with smtpserver from p9.  This combination seems to
> work so far, I am leaving it till tomorrow, err, the daylight today.

	Weird combination.  Could you tell me, how it can work ?

	The actual problem (this time) was in smtp transport agent that
	didn't handle  smtp_sync()  routine very gracefully..
	(And I had lots of /* XX: fix this before turning BDAT on.. */
	 type comments in the code, ahem..)

> Time to go to bed...  Hope it will not break too soon.

	Likewise, likewise..

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
		(yawning widely, time to turn off my monitors and
		 go to bed -- computers are humming 24h/day, though.)