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zmailer-cvs-29949p10s9 - hanging sessions


I installed zmailer-cvs-29949p10s9 and quickly found a problem.  (at least)
when two zmailers speak to each other and there is more then one message
to transfer, the first message is passed and processed, and then smtp
TA and smtpserver stay connected forever but no messages are transferred.
If you kill either smtp or smtpserver, the next one message is passed and
they stay hung again.  Both systems are SS20 Solars 2.5.1, gcc.

I experimented a bit taking smtp and/or smtpserver from .49p9, very briefly,
then rolled back to .49p9 on the production machine; on the development
host there is p10s9 with smtpserver from p9.  This combination seems to
work so far, I am leaving it till tomorrow, err, the daylight today.

Time to go to bed...  Hope it will not break too soon.