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Re: zmailer-cvs-29949p10s9 - hanging sessions

> > I experimented a bit taking smtp and/or smtpserver from .49p9, very
> > briefly, then rolled back to .49p9 on the production machine; on the
> > development host there is p10s9 with smtpserver from p9.  This combination
> > seems to work so far, I am leaving it till tomorrow, err, the daylight
> > today. 
>         Weird combination.  Could you tell me, how it can work ?

Why not?  Traffic from p10s9 machine to p9 is low, so SMTP TA is only
pushing one message per process.  Ask why I took smtpserver from the
previous release?  Somehow it seemed to me that when I took old smtp
and new smtpserver, it did not help (I still had hanging connections).
But I'd not swear on it: it was late, I was nervous, and I was connected
over a dialup line that drops every 10 minutes at best...

>                 (yawning widely, time to turn off my monitors and
>                  go to bed -- computers are humming 24h/day, though.)

[a bit of offtopic comment on the monitors: this is from my setup:

crosser@pccross:/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/$ grep xset *
Xsession:xset dpms 600 7200 7200
Xsetup_0:xset dpms 30 300 300

works nice :]