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In article <34FAFBA5.EBC63058@Princeton.EDU> you write:
>I am running 2.99.48.  It is my understanding that handing off the ORCPT
>of a RCPT TO smtp transaction is part of ESMTP.  Is it required?  It would
>there are a lot of systems in the universe that do NOT handle this feature
>and I would
>like to turn it off in zmailer.  Can I?

Zmailer does not use ORCPT unless the recipient system says it can
handle it (via the "DSN" ESMTP announcement). If there is a site
for which zmailer uses the ORCPT but it cannot handle it, then there
is a problem/bug with that recipient site.

(My smtp log shows that Zmailer does not use ORCPT in most of the
sites, for my case at least.)

>Second question:  How do people upgrade their zmailer? Do they just untar
>the code
>on top of an existing source tree and rebuild everything and reinstall
>everything?  Do you
>do this in pieces?  Suggestions and warnings welcome.

I never upgrade zmailer in place. It is safer to do it on a test
machine, verify that the new version is configured properly, then
install the new version on the production machine.

Upgrading usually involves just installing new binaries. However,
sometimes it also involves installing new cf files. For the rest
of the configuration files, I usually do a diff to see if there
are any new settings that I need to do.

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