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Re: Aliases problem with zmailer-2.99.49p[89]

> I am running zmailer on a Solaris 2.4 system and upgraded my binaries from
> 43 to 49p8.  I did not want to update the router cf files as I have some
> local changes.
> I soon realised that the new version of newaliases has changed the NDBM
> files from dat/idx to dir/pag.  As such such I copied aliases.cf from the
> new distribution (as I had not changed that file) and I can get the new
> aliases.

	The automatic testing of files per autoconfigured
	formats was changed recently, and it really requires
	that you have ALL of the MAILSHARE/cf/ files from
	the same version -- PLUS that your  /etc/zmailer.conf
	file has DB* entries according to the new  zmailer.Config

	If your  router.cf  has some localizations, you will
	most likely survive without updateing it too.
	(You can remove the 'toplevels=' entry, though, it is
	 now in  standard.cf  file.)

	I am now far away from office, and I really can't spend
	time on speculating how your system is able to work at all,
	as you are indicating below.  I have to also ponder about
	the NDBM  dir_fno() / pag_fno()  functions.
	Some NDBM lookalikes have one, but not both...

> However, I am getting the following messages from the p8 and p9 when
> checking an alias either when running or in interactive mode:
> modp_ndbm: cannot fstat("/usr/local/mail/db/aliases")!
> owner_ndbm: cannot fstat("/usr/local/mail/db/aliases")!
> It does not seem to stop the aliases working and hails from the file
> router/libdb/ndbm.c.  I fixed the problem by changing the fstat from
> fstat(dbm_dirfno(db), &stbuf)
> to
> fstat(dbm_pagfno(db), &stbuf)
> The only possible reason I can think this is happening is that I do have
> GDBM installed on my system and I was wondering if the definitions might be
> `clashing' somehow?

	It is entirely possible, and for a deep analysis I would propably
	need to see at least your  config.log file.  ( + config.h !)

> Simon.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> -- now trying to have a vacation a Madeira..