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lack of policy message produces strange behaviour

I had an unreproducible (after recompilation) problem with the
p9 router; it was segfaulting when some long addresses are fed
into it. Anyway, that problem disappeared after I recompiled,
but it points to another problem in the smtpserver, like so:

30915r  MAIL FROM:<ai337@torfree.net> SIZE=468
30915   -- policy result=0, msg: <NONE!>
30915w  250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok
30915#  -- pipeline input exists 52 bytes
30915r  RCPT TO:<acli@cybers61d202.tor.shaw.wave.ca>
30915   -- policy result=0, msg: <NONE!>
30915#  -- pipeline input exists 6 bytes
30915r  DATA
30915w  503 5.5.2 Waiting for RCPT command
30915#  Session closed w/o QUIT

When the router segfaults, the smtpserver's router() function
thinks that the router generated an error message. When in fact
there is none. (The "INTERNAL ERROR" message in router() doesn't
show up in the logs.)

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           <ai337@freenet.toronto.on.ca> [<- when all else fails ]