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router config (again)


I am making good progress with the router configurations now thanks to
the responses I've had.

At the moment my Message-ID: line (if you look) has ampr.org in it, I
am now able to rewrite this line from $(get envelopeinfo message-id)
in crossbar.cf.

I am able to get the current message ID (from items generated from my
local system), I am able to fix/transform the hostname part to be my
IAP name.

I am not able to write this string data back into
$(get envelopeinfo message-id), nor can I see any operators of
infomation on doing this in the documentation.  The initial:

envelopeinfo=(message-id "<$USER.interactive@$hostname>" now 0)

in rrouter.cf look too hash, I only want to change the message-id element,
not overwrite the whole contents of envelopeinfo.  i.e.:

envelopeinfo=(message-id "$mynewmessageid")

Looks like it will destroy 'now' and anything else in there for that

Matti's postscript documentation looks good, but the S/SL stuff at the back
has nothing to do with the router configuration language.  Well that is what
it appears to me.  I can't match most of the information to the router
language at all :-(  As as if the S/SL information speaks about a
different language altogether.

I'm getting nearer to rewriting that blasted MAIL FROM:<> line though.


Darryl Miles