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Re: doc/guides/procmail -- comments, please

mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
: 	Can you few procmail users think anything that should
: 	be added here ?

I find it's always useful to have a comment which explains
which versions of zmailer and procmail this is correct for.

Not that you have to go around changing these versions very release.
But when someone upgrades something and something breaks, they generally
go back to the documentation on the matter.  If this indicates the
time (and so versions) at which the documentation was written its
useful to work out how acurate the documentation is.  I don't expect
you to review all documentation for every release and test every
incarnation (after all I'm not paying :-).  They may then use this to
go back to ChangeLog files of the packages in question to look for
changes since the documention.

If you get my drift, it just generally helps by giving people with
problems more information to work with.

Your information is correct with me:

Zmailer:  2.99.49p4
Procmail: 3.11pre4

Darryl Miles