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off topic: MAIL FROM syntax?

This is slightly off-topic, as I don't believe it is a Zmailer

I was testing some new email client software and discovered to my
amazement that it is putting stuff between the MAIL FROM: and the
<reverse-path>, thusly:

11104r  MAIL FROM:"EDP department"<edp_test@mingpaoxpress.com>
11104w  501 5.5.2 where is <...> in that?

As far as I can understand RFC-821, Zmailer is doing the right
thing and my new client software is wrong. Can someone more
familiar with the protocol confirm this? Thanks.

Ambrose C. Li <acli@mingpaoxpress.com> Programmer-analyst (sysadmin)
Toronto EDP, Ming Pao Daily News +1(416)321-0088 1355 Huntingwood Dr
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