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doc/guides/procmail -- comments, please


	I just collected infobits I have been repeatedly
	asked to figure out, and it now includes all of
	the details I can think of.  (For ZMailer integration.)

	Can you few procmail users think anything that should
	be added here ?

/Matti Aarnio

------------------ doc/guides/procmail ------------------

	For running PROCMAIL as your local delivery agent:

You need to mofigy/verify three (3) files:


In the router configuration there is a parameter, which controls on
how the local addresses look when rewritten:

------ $MAILSHARE/router.cf:
  # Does our "local" channel accept domain (@) at the user part ?
  # ZMailer's mailbox does accept.  If you use something else, and
  # it doesn't accept, comment this away!
< localdoesdomain=1
> #localdoesdomain=1

In the scheduler configuration we must leave clauses for "local/file*",
and "local/pipe*" in front of "local/*" intact, as they handle things
that procmail can not do by itself.  Then we continue by modifying the
"local/*" clause to choose proper command:

------ $MAILSHARE/scheduler.conf:
	# Originally we had 3 hour expiry, but if your local system goes to
	# a fizz (freezes, that is), your local mail may start to bounce
	# before anybody notices anything...
	# want 20 channel slots, but only one HOST
	# Do MIME text/plain; Quoted-Printable -> text/plain; 8BIT
	# conversion on flight!
<	command="mailbox -8"
>	#command="mailbox -8"
	# Or with CYRUS server the following might do:
	#command="sm -8c $channel cyrus"
	# Or with PROCMAIL as the local delivery agent:
<	#command="sm -8c $channel procm"
>	command="sm -8c $channel procm"

And lastly, the sm configuration needs to be made sure it has specfication
for "procm" so that "sm" knows what it needs to do, and where your procmail
program is:

------- $MAILSHARE/sm.conf:
#		# CYRUS example from: Tom Samplonius <tom@sdf.com>
procm	sSPfn	/usr/local/bin/procmail		procmail -a $h -d $u