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How many routers should i use?

Hi all!

I am running a server that receives only email for 'somedomain.com', which
has an MX with preference 0 to that server.

This server ONLY receives and routes messages for that domain, which has a
*very* slow connection to the Internet, it's outside the US, where my ZMailer
server is located.

I have noticed that increasing the router processes from 4 to 8 has 
improved the performance, but i was wondering that since all messages from
this ZMailer server go to one domain (in fact only to one server at 
'somedomain.com'), maybe increasing the number o routers to 12 or even more
will help? what would be the drawbacks if any at all?

Any suggestions?

Enrique Vadillo-
RCP - Internet Peru
Fax: +51 1 241-1320
Phone: +51 1 241-5688
Web Site: http://www.rcp.net.pe (PERU)
Mirror Web Site: http://ekeko.rcp.net.pe (USA)