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Re: Multiple internal relays without DNS

> We are trying to configure zmailer (hosta) for internal use on our LAN to 
> filter mail between two other SMTP hosts (hostb and hostc). I have tried to
>  use PUNTHOST to punt local (hosta) mail to hostb, all other mail going to
>  SMARTHOST hostc. However, at the moment all mail goes to hostc then
> bounces. 
> Any ideas and configuration very gratefully received. This may be only a 
> temporary measure which is why we do not want to use DNS or MX records. We 
> tried it with Sendmail (we have the bast book!) and Qmail until I found 
> zmailer (had a bit of trouble with the make of 2.99.??p7 (I think it was)
> as  vacation.c seemed to have unresolved #DEFINEs.

I have no comment on your main question, but as for vacation.c, you need
to #include <limits.h> (or something that #includes it).  I've reported
to Matti that it does not compile on Solaris.