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Re: How many routers should i use?

> Hi all!
> I am running a server that receives only email for 'somedomain.com', which
> has an MX with preference 0 to that server.
> This server ONLY receives and routes messages for that domain, which has a
> *very* slow connection to the Internet, it's outside the US, where my ZMailer
> server is located.
> I have noticed that increasing the router processes from 4 to 8 has 
> improved the performance, but i was wondering that since all messages from
> this ZMailer server go to one domain (in fact only to one server at 
> 'somedomain.com'), maybe increasing the number o routers to 12 or even more
> will help? what would be the drawbacks if any at all?

	Without knowing all of your details it is a bit difficult to
	tell exactly, but on overall this sounds like your system is
	doing DNS lookups at the routing phase, and those lookups do
	take considerable time.

	Such situation is actually the ONLY situation where system
	throughput improves by adding more router processes in parallel.
	(Ok, so I am exaggerating slightly, all slow database lookups
	 will benefit, lookups which can essentially run in parallel/
	 consume non-cpu intensive  delayed resources -- like DNS-
	 lookups from far away...)

	The question is, is it really necessary to do those lookups ?

	My default setup has this   toplevels="..."  assignment in it
	to speed up the determination that some arbitary domain address
	of style:	fii.foo.com	is already in canonic format,
	and does not need canonicalization by means of doing DNS lookups.

> Any suggestions?

	check your  MAILSHARE/router.cf  file for  toplevels="..."
	assignment with all of the top-levels there are in the world.

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	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
		(2.99.49p8 pre-release tests now running at SPARC Solaris,
		 maybe will complete them tomorrow, and do release; presuming
		 no snags creep up..)