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Multiple internal relays without DNS

We are trying to configure zmailer (hosta) for internal use on our LAN to 
filter mail between two other SMTP hosts (hostb and hostc). I have tried to 
use PUNTHOST to punt local (hosta) mail to hostb, all other mail going to 
SMARTHOST hostc. However, at the moment all mail goes to hostc then bounces.

Any ideas and configuration very gratefully received. This may be only a 
temporary measure which is why we do not want to use DNS or MX records. We 
tried it with Sendmail (we have the bast book!) and Qmail until I found 
zmailer (had a bit of trouble with the make of 2.99.??p7 (I think it was) as 
vacation.c seemed to have unresolved #DEFINEs.


Best Regards,
Paul A. Cheshire
Remote Support Centre
Text Systems Ltd
+44 171 403 4033
url: http://www.textsys.co.uk