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2.99.49p6 - first alpha..

Ok, I have been playing around with questions regarding on best
ways to handle various local databases, and how to refresh them.
That way 'makendbm' command became smart enough to do rudimentary
alias processing into binary dbases, and also "zmailer" command
got couple additional callable objects (see below).

... and this source set has also LDAP dbase interface autoconfig
facilities.  For the usage example, see   doc/guides/ldap.doc.

This is initially only available at  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

Sat Aug  2 19:57:57 1997  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* Makefile.in:
	    Version 2.99.49p6b1

	* router/libdb/ldap.c, router/db.c, router/libdb/search.h,
	  configure.in, config.h.in, router/libdb/Makefile.in.
	    LDAP db driver by  Lai Yiu Fai <ccyflai@ust.hk>, plus
	    integration, and autoconfig support by yours truly.

	* utils/makendbm/makendbm.c, utils/makendbm/Makefile.in:
	    Massive code rearrange, now "-a" (alias) system does
	    proper continuation line handling too.

	* utils/makendbm/ndbmlook.c:
	    Concise data output dumper code

	* proto/newdb.in, configure.in, SiteConfig.in, proto/cf/*.cf,
	  INSTALL, proto/zmailer.sh.in:
	    Build default database format binary db with command:
	      $MAILBIN/newdb $MAILVAR/db/dbase-basename
	    also have two short-circuit commands:
	      zmailer new-localnames
	      zmailer new-routes

	* libsh/interpret.c:
	    Found, and corrected a bug in ZMSH expression:
	    The mechanism mistreated ARGV values

	* router/db.c:
	    "btree" dbase entry was missing a call to  modp_btree()
	    routine which does exist, but just was never called..

	* router/libdb/selfmatch.c, smtpserver/rfc821scn.c,
	    IETF DRUMS smtpupd draft for IPv6 address literal
	    says:  "[IPv6" SP <rfc-1884-encoded-address> "]"
	    That is, there is SPACE instead of "." after the
	    magic prefix.   Huh!  Quite magic...

	* smtpserver/smtpcmds.c:
	    Handle correctly zero size addresses in MAIL FROM:<>, and
	    (heaven forbid!) RCPT TO:<>.